Thursday, January 17, 2008

positive reinforcement

Henry enjoys encouraging us. He likes to tell Claudia she does a good job crawling. He is now saying we have "impressed" him. Story from this morning:
I am putting on my socks that have sea turtles on them.
H: What is on your socks Mommy?
R: Turtles.
H: Wow - you're right. They are turtles. Where did you get them?
R: I got them for Christmas.
H: You're right. You did get them for Christmas. I'm impressed.


Rosalind said...

this is so cute! Erin does a similar thing when she asks us to draw her something. I am a lousy artist so usually her requests end up looking like stick figures or line drawings. Erin says things like "that was a good effort, Mommy!" or "you tried so hard! Good Job!" Can't decide if it's good that she's learned how to reinforce good effort, or bad that she is stuck with such a lousy artist as a mom!!

J, J, a & m said...

I'm impressed that Henry and Claudia can even post on this blog! :)
That's a really cute story