Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Henryisms for posterity

Just a few funny things he says before I forget them...

"grink" = drink
"icicle" = popsicle

And here are a few recent phrases

"Anybody cannot play with my toys" - he prefers this to using "nobody can"

"I very don't want toys in here" (the tub, so he can swim) - "very" used as "really"

"with a cherry on top" - he used this phrase with me the other day and I asked how he had heard it. He said Alex had used it - how I asked -
"Henry, please leave the room, with a cherry on top."

Last night he used it again - we were talking about Claudia's birthday:
H: Did we get her a present?
R: We did.
H: Can I give it to her?
R: Sure.
H: With a cherry on top?

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