Monday, October 19, 2009

My Danny

Claudia has taken to calling her dad by his name - Danny. She actually rarely calls him Daddy. This morning she was talking to herself saying - I am going to save it for Henry and my Danny. It is sort of strange and endearing at the same time. Also, during my computer time this morning she put green tomatoes in the TV stereo receiver. A real accomplishment! Her Danny will not be pleased.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Staying home

Well, I have mentioned this on facebook, but realized I hadn't on the blog. I (Rachel) have decided to quit working at the library and am going to stay at home with the kids. Henry is going to Pre-Kindergarten for full days now and Claudia and Walter will be home with me. I have mixed feelings about leaving work, but not about being home with the kids. I am really inspired to be home and am looking forward to doing crafts and singing songs and other fun kid stuff. My first official day in my new job is next Friday. I have already bought the supplies for making Halloween cards. Here we go ... and time keeps flying by!

Danny with Henry (2) and the Baby Claudia.