Monday, December 18, 2006

Family Photos

We had some traditional family photos taken at Target a couple of weeks ago. We are particularly happy with the ones of Henny.

The Norovirus - or how to lose 6 pounds in two days

Well, just as the stomach virus struck the Griggs family so too did it strike ours. Poor Henry woke up Friday morning throwing up and completely shocked at this horrible event. He was sick all day and I stayed home with him as Danny had to take his last final exam. I now have a pretty full understanding of unconditional love as I tried to catch the vomit of my son on several occasions. Why - who knows? It was just an immediate reaction - like - look son this isn't as gross as it seems I'll even try to hold it in my hands. Anyway, somehow, I ended up sick on Saturday and Danny got a milder form of the virus yesterday. So all in all we hope it is over. I am six pounds lighter - not that I would recommend this as a form of dieting. Yick! That's all from us - be thankful there are no pictures with this entry!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Breech and Speech

Well, exciting news about Baby S ... last night I was awakened to thunderous belly movement and suspected that our little one decided to make his/her move into the correct baby position. I had a doctor's appointment today and they confirmed that the baby is no longer in the breech position. Hooray! Other news is that Henry is now addressing most of his extended family by name - there is Lek (Alex), Monny (Molly), An Jen (Aunt Jen), Nan Jean (Nana Jean), Nan Kaffy (Nana Kathy), Pawpa, Grandaddy, Grandma, Gram, Mommy/Mama and Daddy - and he occasionally refers to himself as "Henny". He is also quite attached to our neighbor Jeff and his dog Grace and calls them by name. He still can't quite say Stella and just calls her Dawg - as in Back Up Dawg (accompanied by a "Stop! In the name of love" gesture or a "Talk to the hand" pose if you prefer). He also lights up when he gets to assist with dispensing treats to Stella.