Monday, December 27, 2010

my goodness

It has been MONTHS since my last post. Not because there isn't anything to say, just finding the time to say it seems to be difficult. We have had a fantastic Christmas and I really enjoy "making memories" with the kids. Knowing this is how they will remember their childhoods. Should that be plural. Anyway ... I spend a lot of time reading magazines as I can't quite get through a WHOLE book these days. Though perhaps the right one I could. And I have decided that I would like my life a whole lot more (not that I don't like it now) if a magazine would please come and stage it and take well lit pictures of my well dressed and well behaved kids so I can keep it in my mind and live that fantasy. Do you think that will happen? Well, maybe not, but if I can just pretend that the Southern Living photographers are on their way then maybe I will do a better job of taking mental pictures of our days for me to hold tight. Gotta run do dishes ... laundry ... sleep!!!