Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catching fire by itself

Henry started singing eeny-meeny-minny-mo - if that is even how you spell it, anyway, the line of course goes - catch a tiger by its toe. The girl used to sing - catching fire by itself - which we sort of prefer. She now does a combination of the two verses. Whoever "MO" lands on is who is at that very moment loved the most by the singer. It is a fun game that can go on for a long time. I recorded this just after it was really funny. Walter is screaming, but you can still hear CJ's hip-hop and slightly messed up lyrics. And, yes, this is what our house usually sounds like. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hmmm ... We are at a couple of milestones with the kids these days.
Claudia is on the road to getting rid of sleeping with her pacifiers - it is about time! We are marking the days off - April 1 - not an April Fool's joke. The boppy should be gone forever. Fingers crossed. Three is also proving to be more challenging than being two. Sobbing over nothing - joy!! She is totally a sweet girl and really loves both of her brothers - one more than the other.
Walter has a new tooth - ouch - and is in a morning program two mornings a week. After a painful and tear filled start he is having a blast now. He gets tons of love and attention from all as he flashes his one tooth grin and dimples. A real charmer!
Henry is in a musical as a cow and is taking it very seriously because he wasn't at all and is now being bribed. He will get some kind of Star Wars ship if he sings all the songs. He had a wonderful day today because he got to eat lunch with the principal. His name was chosen out of the kindness box. He was nominated by two teachers for doing kind things. We are impressed! Oh - and he doesn't like having his picture taken.