Monday, December 03, 2012


Wish I had a picture to post, but this adventure happened at the hair dresser where all three kids were getting haircuts. Usually Henry is not the one I quote with the funny quips, but this time it is. Sheila, our hairdresser who has been cutting my hair since I was three, was talking to Henry about colleges and asking where his parents went to college. She then said she figured he would probably study science when he went to college since he likes bugs and things so much. "Well," said Henry, "maybe science. I really like chemistry. Not chemistry like beer, but like acid." (me-bug-eyed - what?!?)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blue Christmas

Gosh - I have gotten several requests/suggestions to write regularly about the kids - I shall give it a go. Me: Christmas is in four weeks. Are you excited? Walter: Yes, I am going to be Superman. Kids and I put the tree together and did some Advent activities at church. There will surely be more Xmas pics to post later. Love. Me. Blue Lights.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Another year gone by

Well - I wish I had been keeping up with the blog more instead of using all of my kids HI-larious saying up on FB, but alas I have not kept up with it. I have found posting pics on here just takes forever. The kids are just growing into such neat little people. Walter's language is starting to really shine. Tonight, for example, we decided that he could wear his favorite t-shirt to bed with pajama bottoms and he told me that "That is a great idea Mom". Awww. Claudia is hitting something of a fussy stage but luckily it is only sprinkled in and the rest of her endearing personality still shines through. She sings constantly and seems to really have a great voice. Henry is less excited by Claudia's singing as he is annoyed by her in lots of ways. He is doing very well in school and has started playing Words With Friends against his parents on the Kindle and doing a pretty great job at it. We are moving past the baby phases in our home and I even took down the crib for the first time (not including moving) in seven years. A little sad actually. Walter and Henry are now sharing a room and Claudia for the first time in her life has her own room - we are making the former nursery "girlish" for her. All is good. We count our blessings every night at supper.