Sunday, July 19, 2009

Three's a charm

A Day at the Lake

We had a great afternoon at the lake - making it Walter's first trip to Hyco. He was a champ getting in a little life jacket. Henry and Claudia enjoyed splashing around, swimming and riding in the boat.

More pictures

Sorry for the delay, some of these are a few weeks old. We'll get some more recent ones downloaded to the computer soon. Walter is definitely not a fan of bathing or diaper changes, as you can tell from the screaming shots of his first bath.

Be sure to read the post below for recent kid stories as well

Kid quotes

Just a few quick exchanges:

Rachel: "We need to go to the grocery store today because we don't have anything to fix for lunch"

Henry: "We could just have Cheetos and watermelon"

Rachel: "That's what you had for lunch yesterday"

Claudia has inherited my fondness for baby toes (and gently squeezing them). She also has a cute propensity to use the wrong pronouns, so she's often coming up to one of us holding the baby swaddled in a blanket and saying "Where him toes?" or even "I need him toes". And the cycle begins anew...