Monday, May 28, 2007

How parents check email

Mother's Day and Nana Jean's Birthday

These holidays were celebrated at the lake, of course. It's been a few weeks now but within the acceptable lag time for family blogging

The posed and quickly taken shots of Nana Jean with her 4 great-grandkids

I went ahead and included all of these rapid fire pictures. The one to watch is Miss Molly - we could make a nice flipbook of her squirming

The Lifejacket Crew

Friday, May 11, 2007

Global Warming Awareness

I stumbled across this on the web and thought it was blogworthy to promote...

Fight Global Warming


As you'll see, I've added quite a few pictures (had a little spare time while Claudia napped and Henry watched a Curious George episode for probably the 8th time). My captions, minimalist as they are, can be hard to find but they're at the last picture of each set in the right column. Enjoy!


Group naptime + saucer fun

The many faces of childhood

I'm not sure which is which, but these are supposed to represent happy, sad, and cross - my two subjects weren't always on the same page it seems

Rare pictures with Daddy

These are taken during a marathon reading of the entire "new" Curious George collection.

Claudia's initiation to the Bumbo Clan

Don't let the Henry drive the van!

For those not current on their childrens lit, this is a reference to the book "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus"

Nature at the lake

A few more shots. The driveway was blocked by a giant fallen elm, a bird has nested in a ski boot in the bathroom, and we almost ran over a turtle on the way home.

A night at the lake

Over a week ago, we went to Lake Hyco to spend the night - here are a few pictures

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Playschool and priceless expressions

Well, Henry started going to playschool this week. He seems to really like it and even did a couple of art projects that brought tears to my eyes. So sweet! Now he goes to school like Daddy and Nemo.
In Henry's growing vocabulary we have noticed that he ends his sentences lately with an "okay" - for example "I get out of the chair now, okay?" Usually this is not really a question, more like a statement with an okay tacked on at the end. However, sometimes he says things that just slay us. Tonight at dinner we were trying to get him to eat two more bites of his dinner. He looked over at me and said "There's something wrong with you. I'm finished now." Wow - cut to the quick by a two-year old - ouch. I am sure these funky expressions will continue to roll in - we'll keep you posted.