Thursday, May 10, 2007

Playschool and priceless expressions

Well, Henry started going to playschool this week. He seems to really like it and even did a couple of art projects that brought tears to my eyes. So sweet! Now he goes to school like Daddy and Nemo.
In Henry's growing vocabulary we have noticed that he ends his sentences lately with an "okay" - for example "I get out of the chair now, okay?" Usually this is not really a question, more like a statement with an okay tacked on at the end. However, sometimes he says things that just slay us. Tonight at dinner we were trying to get him to eat two more bites of his dinner. He looked over at me and said "There's something wrong with you. I'm finished now." Wow - cut to the quick by a two-year old - ouch. I am sure these funky expressions will continue to roll in - we'll keep you posted.

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