Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pictures of Segundo

Here are some shots from our ultrasound on 8/23/06. Everything looks good - baby measures here at 17 weeks, so our three due date estimates are Jan. 23, Jan. 31, and Feb. 5. Rachel has her money on January 29, 2007. On a side note, I think I caught a glimpse of the nether regions and my amateur interpretation of the gender is female - but don't get too excited - I'd only be willing to put about 50 cents on it. These images are fleeting and I have been known to confuse the head with the stomach. To sum up: Rachel is leaning toward boy, Danny says girl, and Henry says "Huh? What baby?"

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Link to other videos

I've finally caught on to the craze and have started uploading home movies to YouTube. I'm not sure if the link below for the tricycle is always visible (or it doesn't always seem to load for me right away), but maybe this post will be. You can visit to check out what I've added under "Videos".

Tricycle video

This link might work - taking you to a Henry pedaling video

Henry's new tricycle

Note: The scratches on Henry's nose are not from doing jumps or flips on his tricycle, but an earlier lawnmower spill on the driveway

5th Annual Topsail Island Beach Week

Fun in Uncle Tim's Guck (truck)

Fun at the Cincinnati Children's Museum

Henry's first professional sports event

Dan, Henry, and Alex with Mr. Red