Monday, March 31, 2008

Car seat upgrade

This weekend we bought a new car seat for Henry and upgraded Claudia from her rear facing infant seat which was long overdue. They are both enjoying the new view.

The mystery of OJ

Henry is becoming more expressive and talkative these days. He was enjoying a glass of orange juice the other morning and said "this tastes like a merry-go-round" - we figured that was some tasty glass of orange juice. That was followed by - "there is poop in this straw" - "yuck, poop" - he spits. We say there isn't poop in your juice - he says yes there is - we shortly discover that he means pulp.
(This was sweet and funnier in real life than it reads!)

White coat for Dan

Danny received his white coat this Sunday - symbolizing his new role as a health care provider. We were all very proud of him! Just one more year til graduation. We all went out for pizza and a little NCAA basketball afterwards. A big mess was made. It was fun.

Zoo trip #2

Okay, I mentioned that we went back to the zoo a week later, so here are a few more pictures of that. Be sure to check out the headless, one-legged flamingo. I bet he'd have some stories to tell if only he had a beak.
Zoo Trip 2 on flickr

Monday, March 24, 2008

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

The kids and I went to the Asheboro Zoo for my spring break (eat your heart out, Cancun). I took scads of pictures, so I've decided to post a link to them on flickr here:

We walked the entire length of the zoo and saw practically every animal there. The new Watani exhibit hasn't had it's grand opening, but you can walk around and look at a grand total of one elephant and one rhino from about a mile away - go 16x digital zoom! The kids liked playing in the oversized ostrich eggs.

It was so fun we went back on Good Friday, and brought along Gram. There were about 10 times as many people there then, so I'd recommend a random Monday to a holiday visit.