Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Henryisms for posterity

Just a few funny things he says before I forget them...

"grink" = drink
"icicle" = popsicle

And here are a few recent phrases

"Anybody cannot play with my toys" - he prefers this to using "nobody can"

"I very don't want toys in here" (the tub, so he can swim) - "very" used as "really"

"with a cherry on top" - he used this phrase with me the other day and I asked how he had heard it. He said Alex had used it - how I asked -
"Henry, please leave the room, with a cherry on top."

Last night he used it again - we were talking about Claudia's birthday:
H: Did we get her a present?
R: We did.
H: Can I give it to her?
R: Sure.
H: With a cherry on top?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ode to Haggis

Our friends James and Emily hosted a Scottish celebration the other night. Fun, Scotch and King Cake were had!

Stella and licorice

Claudia enjoyed watching Stella from her high chair and she enjoyed some licorice too!

More cuteness

Baby cuteness

Here are some shots of family fun time.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

positive reinforcement

Henry enjoys encouraging us. He likes to tell Claudia she does a good job crawling. He is now saying we have "impressed" him. Story from this morning:
I am putting on my socks that have sea turtles on them.
H: What is on your socks Mommy?
R: Turtles.
H: Wow - you're right. They are turtles. Where did you get them?
R: I got them for Christmas.
H: You're right. You did get them for Christmas. I'm impressed.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


A view from our hotel, some shots from the London Eye - a gigantic ferris wheel and an image of St. Paul's.

London some more

We were gone for nine days - hence the enormous amount of photos. Another favorite thing was going to a show - 39 Steps. Highly recommended. Random sign shot by Danny.

Harrod's images

I can honestly say that one of the most exciting things about our London visit was seeing the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop in Harrod's - blows my mind. Note the chocolate Harrod's emblem on a chocolate Krispy Kreme doughnut. I was so proud!



We had intended to go to Stonehenge, but it ended up being more trouble to get there than we had thought. So ... we went to Wales on New Years Day - it was great and we got to visit Tintern Abbey and a Saxon Castle, that was really huge and impressive. I now only have to visit Northern Ireland to check of my British Isles country list.

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs

Danny was pretty much obsessed with recording the odd differences in the signage in England.

Bristol and Wells

Here are some of the shots of Bristol and a short trip we made with Johanna, Bert and Alfie to Wells after we had a "proper" Sunday lunch. Wells looked strangely familiar and I thought to myself - this reminds me of the sleepy English town in Hot Fuzz - the movie - then I found out it was actually filmed there. Cool.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Broadcast News

In lieu of sending a group e-mail - I (Rachel) have accepted a position at UNCG as Human Resources Librarian starting at the end of February. It will be an administrative level position and a great opportunity for me. I am excited about the job and the change, but it was a truly difficult decision to make. I will commute from Durham for a couple of months until we sell the house and/or Danny finishes his semester. Then we will most likely move to Winston-Salem. I will commute from Winston and Danny will commute to Durham for his fourth year of school, some days from Winston, some days from Burlington (at Chez Stinehelfer). So ... it is a bit confusing for the next year and a half, but for the long term we are excited to be closer to my family and be able to move into a bigger house. And if you know someone in the market for a cute 2BR, 1BA Duke Park brick bungalow - send them our way!! xoxo

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

London calling

Hello all - just wanted to post a quick picture from our trip - we'll have more to come. I took this from the London Eye, which is basically a giant Ferris Wheel (about 400 feet high?) with enclosed capsules to ride in. This is a section of a panorama shot that I love taking with the digital - just ask Rachel.

Okay, one more shot. This is the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol