Monday, October 19, 2009

My Danny

Claudia has taken to calling her dad by his name - Danny. She actually rarely calls him Daddy. This morning she was talking to herself saying - I am going to save it for Henry and my Danny. It is sort of strange and endearing at the same time. Also, during my computer time this morning she put green tomatoes in the TV stereo receiver. A real accomplishment! Her Danny will not be pleased.


kaycee said...

We've been Karen and Chris to Milo for over a year now. Should we have stopped it? I'm used to it now.

rachel, danny, henry, claudia, and walter said...

Don't know - I call my mother by her name often, mostly because she ignores me when I call her mom. I went through a phase as a kid when I called my dad his name, but then switched back to Daddy - who knows?@?