Tuesday, January 08, 2013


A few months ago I was listening to a news story and it described a 40 year old woman as middle aged - well, of course I gasped. That's my age - I am not middle aged. Well, I guess I am technically. Here I sit in a place I have longed to be - wife, mother, homemaker and yet ... sometimes I feel like I was promised more. I wasn't really, but women my age had the expectation that we could be superwomen and I know this is not news that something suffers either home life or intellectual life depending on your choice as a mother. I am "Happy at Home" but definitely need to keep my mind and efforts not entirely at home or I fear I will atrophy. You don't imagine having a three year old and being middle aged, but maybe I am just wiser now. Perhaps it will be a time of reinvention - we shall see - Cheers!

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