Wednesday, January 02, 2013


We have a new member of our family - we got him just a couple of days before Christmas. We found this tiny orange tabby cat walking down our road. We checked with neighbors to see if anyone had lost him. We now suspect he was a dropoff. But we are so happy to have him. We had thought about getting a pet for Christmas even, but just never committed. So, little tabby, we are glad you "chose" us. The kids have been nearly loving him to death. Thrilled with a new pet - our 10 year old lab is losing even more of her dwindling affection quota, bless her heart. This morning school was nearly delayed by who had or had not given Felix hugs and kisses - I am not making this sappy stuff up! Then after the older kids left for school I hear Walter going around the living room saying - Felix, it's me, Walter. Fe-Lix, it's me Wal-ter! I am a boy and you are a boy too. (adorable) Here is our new little man - growing every day.

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