Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A kid by any other name

Henry talks about wanting to be a grown-up more than I would expect at the ripe old age of four. He sometimes says how he wishes he weren't a kid which is sad to me, but I know I had the same thoughts. Anyway, he and I were riding back from school the other day and had this conversation.
H: Henry and Claudia are not grown-up names. They are kids' names.
R: They are kid names now when you are kids and they will be your grown-up names when you are grown-ups.
H: Can I change my name when I'm a grown-up.
R: Yes - you can. What would you change it to?
H: (thinking) Josh.
R: Wow - like your uncle.
H: Yes.
R: Is that a grown-up name?
H: Yes.
R: What should Claudia's name be?
H:(more thinking) Rachel

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Josh said...

tell Henry I appreciate the idea of him changing his name to Josh, but he should keep his own. It's a good strong name. See Kings -- England.