Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Three - What will you be?

As many of you know we like to beat ourselves up and not know the gender of our kids until they are born. Same kind of scenario for names - right now we have Eleanor and Walter as front runners, but no promises.
It is funny, but Henry and Claudia both want a girl baby and are pretty firm about it.
The other night Henry said I really hope the baby is a girl and I said that even if it is a boy we will still love him. Henry said - I really want it to be a girl. No concessions there - I tried.
Then this morning I asked Claudia what the baby should be named and she said Eleanor. I said if it is a boy it will be Walter. Walter, she said, no, it will be Eleanor.
We'll see how far this whole "mother's instinct" thing works out for me.

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