Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Henry, the bird savant

Henry has an amazing knack of identifying all sorts of birds. The boy loves birds! We do have lots of bird books, but I am totally amazed by his memory for birds. We also have several feeders in the yard and he can name pretty much every type of bird that comes to the feeders. The other day he was looking through a bird ID book and was pointing out herons, egrets and then really surprised me and pointed to the cormorant. Wow - he is good!


Dennis McCabe said...

Thats Great, maybe its the dino-bird connection. Here's some easy ones. Does henry know a flicker or a nuthatch ? Uncle Dennis

rachel, danny, henry and claudia said...

Yup, he sure does - he's got the regional birds down. I think where he's even more impressive is with foreign birds - today he pointed out a hamerkop in a world bird book! I've never heard of that bird, but I guess it made an impression on him.