Monday, January 05, 2009

baby on the move

Well - as most of you know, we like to torture ourselves and not find out the gender of our kids until they pop out. So ... I would like to make an official prediction - this kid is already kicking at 15 weeks - like pow - kick! My theory here is that it is a boy. Henry kicked the fire out of me and I hardly ever felt Claudia. However, if this active kick-boxing lemon sized baby turns out to be a girl - I think we are in trouble!!


kaycee said...

I'll add my insignificant two-specimen sample to your study -- my boy kicked like crazy compared to my girl. He also did continuous gymnastics in there. I talked about it so much Chris and Lucie got tired of hearing about it.

You'd better get ready.

segfault said...

We're presently debating learning the sex on Monday. I'm pushing for not finding out, asking the doctor to write it on a piece of paper, and seeing if we can not look. We'll see. Everyone seems to have an opinion on which sex it is, though.