Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No, now!

We are quite sure Henry's vocabulary has been shrinking or at least the words he uses on a daily basis have. Almost all of his sentences/commands have the word no, not or now in them. He frequently says - "I said NO, Mommy" and "NO, NOW!" and basically contradicts anything we say. I was telling him the other day that he probably did not need the railing on the side of his bed anymore, that we could take it off - to which he said - "I want to take it ON" - not sure what that means, but it is clearly the opposite of what I said. He also ends many of his sentences/commands with the word either - no comparison needed. "No apple either Mommy, I said no apple EITHER!"
He had a sick tummy over the weekend and got to watch a lot of PV (television to you and me) and we are paying the price now trying to wean him from it. Danny got him some Pedialyte to drink, but he wouldn't have it - we even made Pedialyte Popsicles which he would not eat, then Danny mixed his regular juice and some Pedialyte together which caused Henry to say - "I want some tasty juice please." He was really on to us!
We definitely feel like we are in the throes of two year-old hood. Wish us luck!

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Johanna and Bert said...

Sometimes I just read this again b/c it makes me laugh. I love your Henry and his clever comments. love johanna