Monday, June 25, 2007

Chelcy's weddin'

Where to begin - ah - the beach. We were at the beach for a family beach trip all last week (photos to follow), then drove across the state to attend Chelcy and Fred's wedding in the mountains. Chelcy is Josh's sister (our brother-in-law's sister - it's simple). Other than Henry's getting only a ten minute nap and having multiple meltdowns, we had a wonderful time. Chelcy was a beautiful bride and Fred, a proud groom. Brought back memories of lo' those many years ago when we were wed (three years and two kids - wow!!). Molly and Alex escorted Jen down the aisle. Molly singlehandedly shattered the expression - well, she won't be walking down the aisle with that bottle in her hand. But she won much appreciation from the congregation. Claudia was such a good baby that she isn't in many pictures since she was snoozing away. We didn't get to thank Mary and Jeff for the hospitality as we took a screaming kid away, but in Jeff's father of the bride toast he talked about all of the family that was there to celebrate the marriage and we truly feel thankful to have such a wonderful family and extended family. We are a lucky bunch!

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