Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yes, we have no news

Well, we wanted to just let everyone know that there is no baby news today. We went for a checkup and had a couple of brief scares - one, I nearly choked on a drink and the nurses thought I had asthma and needed an inhaler (I truly have never been that scared of choking in my life), and two, that the baby had moved back to being breech which was quickly disproved by an ultrasound. The baby stats are totally different than Big Hen - the estimated weight was only 6 pounds 10 ounces - making me think it is a girl. So, we are in the clear Segundo is presenting normally - now we are just waiting. Tick, tick ...

We do have a couple of Henry sayings for your amusement:

"Rocky Roll" for Rock and Roll - a saying of Roley (a Bob the Builder character)used without much context sometimes coupled with "careful" making even less sense

"Too Heavy" - this expression is used for anything heavier than a pencil - he carries objects and then describes his monumentous accomplishment by explaining to us how heavy the load really was, sometimes grunting and groaning is involved

"Weepy" - for sleepy - Henry drops the "sl" and adds "w" - he is rarely weepy, but others are described as such - especially Nana Kathy

"Big Cough" - instead of Bless You or Gesundheit - this is used for a cough or a sneeze - sometimes Henry will make himself cough to make you feel more comfortable

"Ice Cream" - not funny in and of itself, except that he confuses it with diaper cream, so when he asks for "ice cream" in the middle of a diaper change it sounds more like a** cream

Counting - well, we hope his math skills improve - he starts his counting at 1 moves immediately to 8,9 ... 8,9,8,9 - preferring that all groups of objects he has counted are groups of nine

We are getting a big charge out of his language development - now, I am feeling a bit weepy and will sign off. Happy Birthday Aunt Susan! Stay tuned ...

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Aunt Chelcy said...

I love that he coughs with you...awwww...