Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Great Holidays, Football and the Name Game

We had a wonderful time visiting with our families over the Christmas break. There will be pictures to come. Henry did really well until day 3 of gift opening when he had a meltdown over the Thomas the Train track. It was pretty ugly, but he seemed to be in good, non-spoiled spirits the next morning frolicking in all of the trucks, trains and planes he received.

We spent yesterday preparing a painstakingly Southern New Year's Day feast with a pound of bacon used as seasoning. I tried my hand at making Sweet Potato Pie and of course we watched lots of football. Henry spent time in front of the TV watching some games while we were in the kitchen and we overheard him saying something like - "No big tackle Henny a baby." We do have play tackling at home and I suppose the hard tackling on TV would be pretty intimidating for a 22 month old. The big Wake Forest game is on tonight - Go Deacs!! So he will get more tackling exposure as the Deacons play in their first ever BCS bowl.

On the other baby track ... Henry is sometimes looking forward to being a big brother and other times in complete denial. Just three weeks left til the due date and still baby S is without a name - be it male or female. Here is where our blogging friends and relatives come in. We are currently accepting name nominations for baby S (corporate sponsorship also available) - remember our last name is STINEHELFER. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


kaycee said...

Here are our nominations: Cory for a boy, Evelyn for a girl. Great last name.

jeff said...

Lawrence Christopher is my vote.

someone nearby

jeff said...

or Christopher Lawrence