Monday, August 02, 2010

Staying at home

So, I don't fully know if staying at home is my nature - I like to chat (with adults) and be responsible for things (including but not exclusively kids). Some days are wonderful and others I am looking for job ads. However ... today Danny and I were both reminded of why I am here. Apart from feeling like I really know my kids, we were thinking back on when Claudia went to full time daycare. She was there for over a month and never transitioned. She cried when we dropped her off, cried when we picked her up and she would be watching out the window waiting for us. The worst of it all though was the drop off - she would slump down next to the door and just sit there either crying or just in a sad daze. Sometimes she would even lie on the floor and the other kids or teachers would actually step over her. This would go on for at least half an hour.
Henry just asked me why I didn't like being a mommy today - good question - some days are easier than others. But I guess it all comes down to that I am glad I can be here for my kids.

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andrea said...

It is amazing how hard and wonderful being a stay at home parent is. You resent it and cherish it and yell and hug and wonder and wonder and wonder.
I know you are an awesome Mom and the time will fly by so fast you will hardly have time to drink your coffee, if you drink coffee.