Monday, August 06, 2007

Scorpion Slayer

This is a true story. I keep waiting to see a post on Chez Boyer about how Josh slayed a scorpion in the reference department at DH Hill Library. He must be too bashful. Apparently this past Thursday a young woman looked down at her feet while doing some research on a computer and saw a 6 inch long black scorpion. She called out for help and the Scorpion reponse team went into code Red - Josh and David DeFoor maimed and then slayed the nasty creature with a marble book end. Whew - I hope there is some sort of poisonous animal policy that comes out of this!

*August 2, 2007*

Time: 10:47 AM

Incident: Animal Problem

Location: DH Hill Library

Narrative: A scorpion was located in the area.

Disposition: [none]

1 comment:

rachel, danny, henry and claudia said...

You mean nobody even noted the scorpion's disposition???

That's some shoddy work - maybe no action would have been needed if his disposition were described as "sunny" or "pensive"