Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well, Henry is doing a good job adjusting to being a big brother and no longer an only child. We have been getting a kick out of hearing him learn new words and phrases. Some of the new Henry-isms are:

Yummy kisses - somehow Henry and I were talking about a book that he has called Yummy and Yucky (which educates kids not to eat worms, soap, etc) and when he gave Claudia a kiss afterwards we said yummy kisses and now he says it almost everytime he kisses her - awww, so cute!

Buy some - this is less cute but we can see he is beginning to understand our capitalistic society. This morning for breakfast he asked for bacon and ice cream. We usually don't serve him ice cream for breakfast, but he keeps asking. We did not have any bacon to fix for breakfast so we told him we were out, all gone. To which he said - buy some. We weren't sure this was what he said but he confirmed that it was. Buy some Mommy. Aww - a sign of things to come?!?

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