Monday, October 23, 2006

Our State Fair is the best state fair in our state!

We went out to the State Fair this past Thursday, better known as canned food night. You get in free with 4 cans of food. It was crowded to say the least. It was a big family outing with Nana Jean, Nana Kathy (or Nonni as Henry calls her), Aunt Jen, Cousins Alex and Molly, Henry, Rachel and Danny. Henry got to ride the carousel and Alex rode the Dragon Wagon and other fun rides.
We hit the local food concessions and Danny and I split the Hungry Man dinner of 1/4 a chicken, 1/4 lb BBQ, a ham biscuit and three sides for $10 - a real deal at the fair. The maple cotton candy is still my favorite dessert and I had to throw out the rest of my third package which had become flattened and brick-like. We would have pictures to share but our batteries died.
The highlight for Henry was seeing all the farm animals. We had to carry him away from the chicken coop which is sat in front of and waved to the chickens. He loved the cows - especially enjoyed the gallon of pee that just missed us from the rear of quite possibly the largest cow I have ever seen. Whew - that was a close one! He then tried to break in to the sheep corral which Danny had to run interference on. Overall - I think we have ourselves a little farm boy trapped in the city. Alex and Molly also enjoyed the animals and the 664 pound pumpkin. A long evening of family fun was topped off by being trapped in the fair while waiting for the fireworks to end and then getting herded out with thousands of pushy, tired people - we had two babystrollers and a wheelchair and no one showed any mercy. It won't stop us from going back next year - we might just have to make a fuller, earlier day of it.
**The profound title lyrics above are from the Hammerstein musical Our State Fair.

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